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Podcast Winter, 2023

Podcast Summer, 2023

Published on AMAZON, February 2023

The book Transition Keeper: Monologies of the New Babylon, which I wrote under a pseudonym – Ali Blank, questions how artificial intelligence can challenge the current duality of human nature, the concept of culture, the ethics of power, and the nature of genders.

As an author, if I were to summarize the Transition Keeper: Monologies of the New Babylonin a single line, I think this would suffice: “What would mankind be like if GOD decided to turn into a machine?” We all are curious about the premise of “God” and the concept of “ultimate power.” So what would happen if, one day, God turned into AI? Will we accept the change and alter our beliefs or rebel against it?

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‘Monologies of the New Babylon’ is a video that will be of interest to anyone concerned about the emergence of the establishment of new paradigms aimed at preserving life on Earth when the world is rapidly slipping into imbalance. It delves into the narrative of the seven days that saved the world.