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Prof. Helen Sibiriakova

She is a historian, political expert, and author of Course of Events and Transition Keeper: Monologies of the New Babylon. Her books raise questions on controlling artificial intelligence, the dual nature of people, and the ethics of power.

Born in Ukraine, Sibiriakova has a Ph.D. History and is currently a professor at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Apart from lecturing, she is a member of the Aspen Ukraine Initiative, an initiative to improve and develop communities across Ukraine with value-based ideas. In 2010, she was appointed as the Programs Manager of Foundation for Good Politics.  

Since 1996, she has been a consultant and public relations manager for business and politics alike. She has also managed more than 20 election campaigns in Ukraine, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan, for which she was the only female political consultant in the post-Soviet space. In 2010, she gave an analytical presentation on Local Elections in Ukraine: in Search of a Democratic Model at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University.

Her current interest lies in creating a thinking space for people who ponder finding the balance between humans and machines. This is also the theme of her latest book, Transition Keeper. The book was written under a male pseudonym and askes questions on the rise of AI and algorithms that skillfully sharpen the plots and build up interesting twists. Aside from writing, prof. Sibiriakova has been a member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.