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How did your professional biography influence the emergence of the novel?

Translator Huw Davies 



Huw. Ali, the final text of the novel is permeated with anxiety about the fate of the world. To what extent is this the same feeling that led you to the field of political science? How did your professional biography influence the emergence of the novel? 

Helen. My profession as a political strategist or public relations adviser ended with a second book, which showed an understanding of “the unfinished question of relations between Ukraine and Russia.” That became obvious many years then for many people clear, may be year old, may be today.

New text ‘Transition Keeper” that you translated was conceived as an English-language story  who love everyone loves philosophy, military fiction and  read between a lines. 

Huw. Your world is purely ‘pro-Western’. There are new energies out there that are now inexorably changing the fabric of the universe – the flesh of the Eastern worldview. Do you think we might wake up tomorrow in a “brave new world”?


Story of 7th days like a Bible with the main role of the Women is a universy.

In the book  There are also many oriental characters and allusions in the book: the “Chinese Anthony”, the oriental shadow beauty Lu and Chinese general.

The “brave new world” in which we are living is the world of my book.

Huw. What did we miss, and at which fork in the road did we take a wrong turn?

Helen. In the final version of ‘Transition Keeper’ I have not left out.

In addition to the old threats of mass destruction, economic and political crises and the approaching environmental disasters, the last year threats of a whole new order have clearly emerged of entire civilizations.  Therefore, the topic of timely analysis and prevention of threats in the person of the Feminine – in an alliance with the abilities of Artificial Intelligence, has become even more relevant and powerful an currently moment.

Huw. The world has changed faster than the speed at which you were able to publish the first draft of the novel. How relevant is any of the action in it, in this context? Is it even possible to keep up with events, let alone prevent them?

In our world of critical acceleration, news or TikTok videos that get millions of ratings are the most topical forms of media, not texts written by authors. I supplemented the finale version of ‘Transition Keeper: the Monologue’ with various options in terms of confronting the currently political situation that happened the last year in Ukraine? In Europe, Asia and  World and left just two invincible images of  Absolute Power and Woman as key.

Huw. Is it permissible for a Woman to become a symbol of absolute power? What prompted this intention?

Helen. The Woman does not manage, but rather preserves the world, when she has absolute power.

Huw. The idea of ​​an “all-seeing eye” that collects information everywhere is by no means new, and has even featured in a Lord of the Ring demonized . Aren’t you afraid that you will encounter moral difficulties?  How prepared are you to counter the arguments of your opponents?

Helen. In the text, it was possible to build a special world in which power is held by the “all-seeing eye”, where the Woman and the new generation can flourish, and given the importance of the Experiment, there is no room for love in it.

There is only a Choice – between Love and Power.
It all comes down to resources.

This is a very realistic picture of modernity, so if you ask me about the argument of my opponent, Huw, let the debate begin.


Huw  When the invasion of Ukraine happened, though, was it something that you did not foresee?


In the last year is the new threat was realized and became part of our common reality. And my text, I cant ignore it.

This is a dictatorship and it has led to the inclusion in the text of options for how to oppose him, from seeking justice to the devising of a special operation, which may well become part of a real military scenario as well.

New generation in the final version ‘Transition Keeper’ start to activity as a faces of the Opposition to Dictator.

Modern text is an integral part of the reality surround us.

Huw. Let’s say there were an imaginary ‘world government’ – what gift would you like to give them, if it could influence something?

Helen. The Women give a life of New Opposition:  

 I’d send the Dictator a copy of ‘Transition Keeper: Monologue’. Let the new generation read it!

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